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Nox and Grimm – Episode 27

December 23, 2010

Author:  Angie Capozello
Title: Nightfall
Genre: Fantasy
Rating: PG 13– Moderate violence
Frequency: Updated weekly

After six days of heading south and east, Nox and Grimm arrived at the last waypost in the territory controlled by the House of Ice.  A palisade of living trees lined the compound, and the guards kept up a constant watch on the high walkways formed by intertwined branches.  The waypost only had three buildings; a rustic inn, a large stable and an even larger guard barracks. 

They sat together at one end of a rough-hewn trestle table in the main hall of the inn. Nox regarded the small mountain of food in front of them with dismay.  “Um, Grimm?  How much did you order?”

“I’m going to have to eat your cooking for the next two weeks.  I decided to fortify myself,” the ghost hound said loftily. 

“Fortify, eh? Is that the new term for gluttony?” Nox teased.

Grimm wolfed down a pile of roast beef. “Staying materialized takes energy, short-stuff.  And you should eat too, this is probably the last hot meal we’re going to get for a while. Fires attract all kinds of unwanted attention out there.”   

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