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Nox and Grimm – Episode 26

December 23, 2010

Author:  Angie Capozello
Title: Into the Wild
Genre: Fantasy
Rating: PG 13– Moderate violence
Frequency: Updated weekly

After a short meeting with her father, Nox called for Grimm and the two friends headed back to her workshop in town. It had been a silent journey, she was still hurting from having to leave Loki, and Grimm could not think of anything to say that would make it better.   She had not even been able to say goodbye to Loki, for fear that the curse would attack again.

 An hour later, they were busy packing for a road trip. Grimm fetched items from the shelves while Nox shoved them into a bag that should have been far too small to hold it all. At one point she put her arm in past the elbow.  Grimm looked at it warily.  “Are you sure that thing is safe?”

“Relax, furball, I haven’t had a pocket portal blow up in weeks.  Although I did have one implode.  Made this really cool *boompf* sound.”  

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