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Nox and Grimm – Episode 25

December 23, 2010

Author:  Angie Capozello
Title: Heart and Soul
Genre: Fantasy
Rating: PG 13– Moderate violence
Frequency: Updated weekly

Nox loved to watch Loki move.  He was practicing fencing drills in the guard’s gymnasium, unaware that she was standing in the doorway.  He made it look so easy, every motion of the sword was smooth and precise.  She waited to go inside until he was done, to keep from breaking his concentration.

Loki turned around as he heard her approach, a look of pleasant surprise on his face.  “Well hello, stranger!  Where have you been hiding?”

“Some of us have work to do, slacker,” she said with a grin, and tossed him a towel off of the rack. “How are you feeling?”

Loki caught the towel and dried off the sweat from his exertions. “Better. Not quite back to form, but I think that has more to do with the storms your father has been flinging around.  You can tell him that I said it’s working. I doubt any fire elemental besides yours truly is still in the hemisphere.”

Nox laughed. “I’ll let him know.” 

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