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Monument Minders — Episode Seven

October 23, 2010

Author: Cecilia Dominic
Title: Chapter Seven: A Friend in Need
Genre: Science Fiction, Mystery
Rating: PG
Frequency: Weekly-ish
Description: Sometimes you need your friends to put you back together, even if you are an immmortal.

The autopsy results weren’t ready yet, so Thom took Thurston and Debtra to their hotel. Thurston made sure his student had been settled in, and then he caught a cab back to downtown. He didn’t realize he’d fallen asleep until he started dreaming…

“We’re here, man.”

Thurston jolted awake. How had he fallen asleep in the back of a taxi, especially one as rough as this one? His lower back promised to replay every bump and rattle for him later. But that dream… He had been a woman. Or had been seeing things as one. He could guess which one, too. She invaded his dreams at the oddest moments, usually inopportune times when he needed to focus on something else.

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