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The Sweetest Trolls #1- The P Word

September 29, 2010

Author: Mari Juniper
Title: The P Word
Genre: Fantasy, Humor
Rating: PG
Frequency: biweekly

“Once,” Kratan whispered, massaging his forehead, “I heard a villager talking to another. There was a big word I can’t remember.”

He banged his club against the nearest rock in frustration, making the ground shake.

“Idiot.” Kutril snorted. “Big words have no use to us, and you shouldn’t make noise.”

“But this one was important,” insisted Kratan with a whining voice, “it started with a ‘P’, I think.”

“A ‘P’?” asked Kutril, puzzled.

“It’s a letter you moron, from the alphabet.”

“Alpha what?” Kutril asked in awe.

“You know, those signs humans use to put words on paper.”

“Ha! I knew it!”

“You did not,” said Kratan, leaning forward, holding his knees.

“I did too, dumb-dumb who doesn’t know the difference between a goat and a stone.”

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