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Nox and Grimm – Episode 24

September 27, 2010

Author:  Angie Capozello
Title: Storm Winds
Genre: Fantasy
Rating: PG 13– Moderate violence
Frequency: Updated weekly

The armor weighed down on Grimm’s shoulders, and his arms grew heavy from swinging the blade.  The Shadowkin, still in the form of jackals circled around him, their mocking laughter echoing across the grey plain.  He had taken out at least thirty of them, but it was not enough.  They had slowly forced him away from the passage to the mortal realms.  He had to get back to Nox. She was his only link to the living world, and if they cut him off from her, he would be lost forever.

(“Give up.”  “Give in.”  “You are beaten.”  “She is ours!” said the Shadowkin, their voices harsh in the still air…)

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