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Guns n’ Graves – 18

September 21, 2010

Author: Jim Bronyaur
Title: -XVIII-
Genre: Horror
Rating: PG
Frequency: Biweekly

The Keeper of Minds stood and looked around the bloody, beat up bar room.  The bodies lay in heaps, unmoving.
               This is remarkable…
               John smiled and looked at Athan.  Athan was smiling too.
               Did he hear that too? John thought.
               “I hate the stench of dead corpses,” the Keeper of Souls said.  “Plus… it hurts.”
               She looked away quick and John thought for a second he could see a tear glistening in her eye.  He looked at the Keeper of Minds.  John wanted to ask about it but the Keeper of Minds went wide eyed.
               Some things are better off left unknown for the moment…

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