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Weekly Roundup – 9-15-2010

September 16, 2010

Summer break is over, and there’s  some big news for TPD along with our weekly dose of episodic goodness!

Guns n’ Graves – Episode 16
Guns n’ Graves – Episode 17
Dark Movements  – Episode 1
by Jim Bronyaur

Broommates – Episode 18
Broommates – Episode 19
Broommates – Episode 20
by Valerie Valdes

The Immortals – Episode 20
by Laura Eno

Monument Minders – Episode 3
Monument Minders – Episode 4
by Cecilia Dominic

The Pages – Eleventh Part
by Jack Roth


Now that we’re all caught up on the episodes, it’s time for some news!

The Penny Dreadful Bookstore

That’s right, we have a bookstore! And we’ll be updating you on any new additions right here in the weekly roundup.  If you love reading stories by our authors, you can now find their books and e-books right here on TPD.  It’s a great way to immerse yourself in their worlds, and help support the talented writers who share their serials with us every week.

New this week:

New to TPD:  Check out  our first serial podcast!

The insane, and insanely talented Jim Bronyaur has just recorded the first episode of his horror audio show, Dark Movements.  He not only writes the stories, he also composes his own music.  Well worth a listen!

Where did the Twitter Chats go?

We have had to take a short hiatus from hosting chats – changes in day jobs have wrecked havoc on the schedules of both myself, and my wonderfully evil co-moderator @cafe_nirvana.  We hope to get the chats rolling again in a few weeks. Watch here and #thepennydreadful on twitter for announcements.

Are we taking submissions again?

Not quite yet, but once the store gets off the ground we will start looking for new submissions to the site. Watch here and #thepennydreadful on twitter for announcements.


That’s it for the announcements, it has been a busy month!  Watch this space each week to see what’s new at The Penny Dreadful!

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