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Broommates – Episode 17

August 19, 2010

Author: Valerie Valdes
Title: All That Glitters
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Rating: PG
Frequency: Weekly

The relative calm that had settled over the big old house shared by six amiable, rational adults was utterly destroyed by a blood-curdling scream from the ladies’ bathroom.

Anthony was upstairs and breaking down the door with a speed and strength aided by adrenaline and already taxed nerves. Unfortunately, he did not expect to find Miranda standing on the other side of the door in naught but a flimsy towel. Sure enough, he did not find that, because the broken door had knocked her clear into the tub.

“Jesus wept, Miranda, what was that scream about?” he asked, torn between wanting to help her up and trying not to accidentally see anything he shouldn’t.

Miranda groaned. “I’m going to have bruises on my bruises. Did you have to go and firefighter your way in here?”

“I thought you were in trouble!”

“I was,” she said, “hit full in the face by very cold water and some kind of spell. Do I look all right?”

He glanced at her, then averted his eyes. “Yes, you look fine.” Frowning, he did a double-take. “Wait, since when are you a ginger?”

She scrambled to her feet with a scowl. “Parker! Get your narcissistic backside here this instant or I’ll–”

Parker poked his head through the doorway. His once-black hair was now platinum blond. “Sorry, no time to chat, I’m meeting Lisa at the restaurant at seven.” He withdrew, then returned. “Thanks for letting me use your bathroom by the way. And nice hair.”

Miranda and Anthony traded a look. “Who’s Lisa?” they asked simultaneously.

“My girlfriend!”

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