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Guns n’ Graves -15

August 10, 2010

Author: Jim Bronyaur
Title: -XV-
Genre: Horror
Rating: PG
Frequency: Biweekly

When John finally regained consciousness, he had the mindset that he’d just be waking from one crazy dream.
                       Instead, there were three faces hovering over his – Athan, the Keeper of Minds, and the Keeper of Souls.
                       John, speak to me, the Keeper of Minds shouted.
                       “His eyes are open,” Athan said, “he’s alive…”
                       “I hope so,” the Keeper of Souls said.  “I haven’t felt him enter me yet.”
                       John blinked a few times and took a deep breath.  He was overcome by the stench of dirt and mud.  He turned his head and saw the small bump sticking out of the ground a few feet away.  It was himself.  His face, mouth open, eyes staring off into space.
                       “Is that me?” John asked.
                       “John, please, stand up first,” Athan said.  He put his massive hand out and John took it.  Athan pulled and John was back on his feet.  He wiped his forehead and felt his stomach turn again.
                       “Are you sure you’re fine?” the Keeper of Souls asked.
                       “No,” John said.  “I’m not okay.”

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