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Chat with Epiguide about WeSeWriMo

July 27, 2010

Transcripts of the chat held on 7/27/2010 with @epiguide– host of the Web Series Writing Month

TPDonline: Hello everyone! And welcome @epiguide! #thepennydreadful
TPDonline: This week we’ll be chatting about the Web Series Writing Monthing, coming up in August #thepennydreadful
aboutskyfalls: Hi back and thanks for inviting me, @TPDonline. I really appreciate it. #thepennydreadful
TPDonline: (btw, @techtigger here at the helm – hopefully @cafe_nirvana will be able to join us next week 🙂 #thepennydreadful
epiguide: Ooh sorry about that, wrong account. It’s me. 🙂 #thepennydreadful
TPDonline: Here are the official websites for Epiguide and WeSeWriMo #thepennydreadful
TPDonline: @epiguide hehe – i was wondering! 😀 #thepennydreadful
epiguide: We’re a forum-based community devoted to all manner of web-based original entertainment, e.g. #webfiction & #webseries. #thepennydreadful
epiguide: Since 1998 we’ve provided discussions, articles, resources, promotion, aimed at both creators & audiences.
LexxClarke: *waves* from across the pond! #thepennydreadful
gracecrone: Sticking my head in to say hi. 🙂 #thepennydreadful
TPDonline: @gracecrone @lexxclarke *waves* glad you could make it! 🙂 #thepennydreadful
TPDonline: @epiguide wow, 12 years? That’s amazing! #thepennydreadful
epiguide: I’m pretty sure we’re one of the first, possibly the first, forums solely aimed at web-original arts and entertainment. #thepennydreadful
lil_monmon: Bother. That only took forever. Afternoon people. #thepennydreadful
LexxClarke: Sounds like a really comprehensive community too! #thepennydreadful
Chevenga: RT @epiguide Interview now at #thepennydreadful re #WeSeWriMo! Login w/twitter account, hit allow, & join in! #weblit
epiguide: Yeah, it’s hard to believe, ain’t it? A dozen years. And I’m still not rich, what the hell? 😉 #thepennydreadful
LexxClarke: @lil_monmon afternoon! #thepennydreadful
lil_monmon: RT @TPDonline @epiguide wow, 12 years? That’s amazing!–there was an internet 12 years ago? 0_o (jk) #thepennydreadful
Chevenga: Hi all, just stopping in to say hi. #thepennydreadful
TPDonline: @Chevenga hi there! glad you could stop by 🙂 #thepennydreadful
epiguide: /me waves to everyone in chat. #thepennydreadful
Chevenga: Just another thing to do instead of write 😉 #thepennydreadful
TPDonline: (btw, for newcomers – feel free to jump in with questions throughout the chat 🙂 #thepennydreadful
TPDonline: @ajasont *waves* hello! 🙂 #thepennydreadful
lil_monmon: @ajasont Hi there! #thepennydreadful
epiguide: Should mention that we began when six websoap writers created a magazine to promote the genre. We grew quickly. #thepennydreadful
lil_monmon: @epiguide That is quite an impressive resume! #thepennydreadful
TPDonline: @epiguide it’s a free community forum, correct? #thepennydreadful
epiguide: @TPDonline yes, absolutely free. We have some ads & some extra features to ppl who donate, but otherwise it’s open to all. #thepennydreadful
epiguide: These extras aren’t content, by the way — I don’t want anyone to miss out on the good stuff just for not donating. #thepennydreadful
lil_monmon: @epiguide Coolness! Bookmarked it. #thepennydreadful
marirandomities: Ohh, I was engrossed with the #zombieluv anthology and almost missed the chat! *waves* Glad I got in time! Will read back. #thepennydreadful
epiguide: Thank you to @lil_monmon! #thepennydreadful
marirandomities: RT @epiguide: Interview now at #thepennydreadful re #WeSeWriMo! #thepennydreadful
TPDonline: @marirandomities hey, you made it! 🙂 #thepennydreadful
ladymacbex: @epiguide @TPDonline *waves* I woke up in time! #thepennydreadful
lil_monmon: @marirandomities Hi Mari-chan! *glomp* #thepennydreadful
marirandomities: RT @TPDonline: Here are the official websites for Epiguide & WeSeWriMo #thepennydreadful
TPDonline: @epiguide Web Series Writing Month – we all want to know more about it 🙂 #thepennydreadful
marirandomities: @lil_monmon Hi Monmon! How are you? 😀 // Hey, what’s *glomp* 😛 #thepennydreadful
TPDonline: @ladymacbex good morning then! 😀 #thepennydreadful
marirandomities: @TPDonline I did! 😀 Can I pour already or I’ll have to behave today? hhe #thepennydreadful
epiguide: 1 more thing–we welcome all genres. General fiction, fantasy, drama, mystery, soap, script-based, audio serials… #thepennydreadful
gracecrone: @epiguide Looking over your site now. Very interesting. 🙂 #thepennydreadful
marirandomities: @LexxClarke Hi Lexxy! 😀 New pic again? heh #thepennydreadful
lil_monmon: @marirandomities I believe a glomp is somewhere between a hug and a clothesline hook. (an overly enthusiastic hug) #thepennydreadful
epiguide: Diversity in style & format is v. important, I think. Anyway sorry, I’ll shut up about the Eppy now. #thepennydreadful
Lindzbinz_H: hi stopping by for 1st time ever. can you guys give me an idea what it’s all about. am interested in learning u see 🙂 #thepennydreadful
TPDonline: @epiguide *lol* that’s okay, we’re here to chat about your sites 🙂 #thepennydreadful
LexxClarke: @marirandomities yes indeed my dear :o) #thepennydreadful
epiguide: So WeSeWriMo! Orig. idea was by @footprints_soap, Michael, who wondered why not organize a Nanowrimo for serials? #thepennydreadful
TPDonline: @Lindzbinz_H welcome! this is a (usually) weekly chat about webserials – talks w/authors, serial sites, how-to’s, etc. #thepennydreadful
marirandomities: @lil_monmon Ahh, *glomps back* then. 😀 (although I’m not the physically strong type, heh :P) #thepennydreadful
marirandomities: No shut up, it’s interesting. If there’s more info please share! RT @epiguide: Ill shut up about the Eppy now. #thepennydreadful
epiguide: Hosting it at the Eppy was a natural, so we did. I took the ball & ran w/it & the 1st was in 2007. What we came up with… #thepennydreadful
LexxClarke: @epiguide such a great idea given the other NaNoWriMo follow ons #thepennydreadful
anakiro: I’m totally sneaking in like a ninja. #thepennydreadful
lil_monmon: @epiguide I love NaNoWriMo. : ) #thepennydreadful
marirandomities: @LexxClarke How are you today? I’ve missed you. 🙂 #thepennydreadful
TPDonline: @Lindzbinz_H and the website for the penny dreadful is 🙂 #thepennydreadful
gracecrone: @epiguide WeSeRiMo is a great idea. The possibilities… 🙂 #thepennydreadful
epiguide: … was the realization that strict wordcount goal of NaNo didn’t really fit the web-based form very well. #thepennydreadful
marirandomities: @Lindzbinz_H Welcome! We’re talking about a writing challenge with web serials, similar to NaNoWrimo: WeSeWrimo. 🙂 #thepennydreadful
LexxClarke: @marirandomities I’m well thanks, managed to pop up another episode or two! #thepennydreadful
lil_monmon: Wow. A lot of dreadfuls coming out of the woodwork this week. #thepennydreadful
epiguide: So that’s when the lightbulb of having goals as unique as our genres clicked on. Took a little jiggering, though… #thepennydreadful
epiguide: … ’cause soon we saw it was all too easy to be sidetracked by non-writing goals. So we make sure that’s the focus. #thepennydreadful
TPDonline: @epiguide yeah, a word count doesn’t make sense for this, especially if you’re doing a script instead of flashfic #thepennydreadful
lil_monmon: @epiguide It is a super-neato idea. #thepennydreadful
LexxClarke: @marirandomities lol no need to apologise! #thepennydreadful
epiguide: @TPDonline exactly, it was the script-based serials, & webisodes or podcasts, that made us see wordcount wouldn’t work. #thepennydreadful
LexxClarke: @epiguide I think that’s what sets it apart, the challenge is there but you can make it very much your own #thepennydreadful
epiguide: (Well, wordcount as a *sole* option wouldn’t work. Many of us still choose wordcounts for our goals.) #thepennydreadful
epiguide: @LexxClarke yes, precisely! Your goal, your triumph. #thepennydreadful
TPDonline: @anakiro welcome honorable ninja! 😉 #thepennydreadful
epiguide: For one of our ProjectWonderful ads I used the line, “don’t play by the rules…” That’s what web-based creators live by. #thepennydreadful
ajasont: Yep. Like weeds, we are… RT @lil_monmon: Wow. A lot of dreadfuls coming out of the woodwork this week. #thepennydreadful
epiguide: Ooh can you talk amongst yourselves for five minutes? I’m sorry… #thepennydreadful
TPDonline: @epiguide this is open to any sort of serial,correct? web comics, video, audio, scripts, etc. #thepennydreadful
TPDonline: @epiguide s’okay, I’ll herd the cats for a couple minutes 😉 #thepennydreadful
epiguide: Okay I’m back. Yes, @TPDonline, any kind of serial. Just gotta be on the web! #thepennydreadful
epiguide: Thing is, there are many hybrid sites. 1 of our featured sites was half graphic novel, half actual novel, half journal. 😉 #thepennydreadful
LexxClarke: @epiguide I was going to ask about comics lol, thinking of @lil_monmon! #thepennydreadful
epiguide:  Comics are def. welcome. They’re written too. #thepennydreadful
Lindzbinz_H: @marirandomities that’s fantastic 🙂 which one is it? i’ll have to read it. i’ll have so much to read now #thepennydreadful
epiguide: I mean, webcomics, anyway. These works should be available online. There are other venues for print stuff. #thepennydreadful
TPDonline: @epiguide can you tell us more details about the contest? signup, dates, the particpant blogs, etc.? #thepennydreadful
marirandomities: @Lindzbinz_H Candid trolls: // TPD on line: 🙂 #thepennydreadful
lil_monmon: @epiguide Yep. I do web-comics. #thepennydreadful
Lindzbinz_H: @marirandomities how does one join exactly? sorry if am being annoying 😦 #thepennydreadful
marirandomities: @Lindzbinz_H Not annoying! ;P I think @epiguide is about to give more details now. I knew about WeSeWrimo today as you. 😉 #thepennydreadful
ajasont: @Lindzbinz_H You’re safe with this crowd. Don’t worry. Ask your questions. #thepennydreadful
epiguide: To sign up, go to, register for an account, & post on our sign-up thread. Deadline’s Jul 31/Aug 1. #thepennydreadful
marirandomities: Yup. 😀 RT @ajasont: @Lindzbinz_H Youre safe with this crowd. Dont worry. Ask your questions. #thepennydreadful
epiguide: Basically you just need to give your name, serial title, URL, & goal(s). There are FAQs & resource threads that’ll help. #thepennydreadful
epiguide: @Lindzbinz_H you’re not annoying at all! That’s what the chat’s for. 🙂 #thepennydreadful
marirandomities: @epiguide Could you give more details? I’ve never done nanowrimo, so I just have a general idea. #thepennydreadful
epiguide: @marirandomities It’s a month-long marathon of writing. You pick a goal, e.g. wordcount, chapters, scenes, & try to win. #thepennydreadful
epiguide: Nanowrimo has a set goal of 50,000 words, a small novel. WeSeWriMo lets you choose your poison, I mean goal. #thepennydreadful
TPDonline: @marirandomities I’ve decided to write double the number of episodes I normally would in a month – challenge yourself! 🙂 #thepennydreadful
ajasont: @epiguide But you’re really competing against yourself, for all intents, right? Like Nano? #thepennydreadful
epiguide: Anyone can really take part, even without signing up, but official joiners get some goodies. Badges, blogs, goodwill. 😉 #thepennydreadful
lil_monmon: @epiguide I don’t suppose *finishing* a project counts? #thepennydreadful
marirandomities: @gracecrone I’m tempted too. uh (lol) @epiguide #thepennydreadful
marirandomities: @TPDonline Holly smoke! You’re insane woman! LOL But kudos to you. It’s a cool challenge. 😀 #thepennydreadful
marirandomities: Good Q. RT @lil_monmon: @epiguide I dont suppose *finishing* a project counts? #thepennydreadful
epiguide: @ajasong exactly. It’s a self-driven goal. We’re not competing against each other, except to be among the goal-winners. #thepennydreadful
TPDonline: yes! Join Team Dreadful! *grinz* RT @marirandomities: @gracecrone Im tempted too. uh (lol) @epiguide #thepennydreadful
epiguide: @lil_monmon I don’t see why finishing a project wouldn’t count… assuming it’s a worthy goal. #thepennydreadful
TPDonline: @ajasont yep, just personal satisfaction and bragging rights 🙂 #thepennydreadful
epiguide: @lil_monmon by ‘worthy’ I mean, relatively ambitious. If you’re one strip away from completion, that’s kinda cheating. 🙂 #thepennydreadful
marirandomities: ROFL! RT @TPDonline: @ajasont yep, just personal satisfaction and bragging rights 🙂 #thepennydreadful
TPDonline: @epiguide it’s certainly less daunting than nanowrimo – even w/ 8 episodes, i’m only looking at 8000 words, not 50,000 #thepennydreadful
lil_monmon: @epiguide oh it is. It even has a big ol’ DEADLINE attached to it. #thepennydreadful
marirandomities: @epiguide I like the example you give on the website. If you write 4 installments a month (1/week) you can set goal to 6 #thepennydreadful
gracecrone: More tempting! RT @epiguide @lil_monmon I don’t see why finishing a project wouldn’t count… assuming it’s a worthy goal. #thepennydreadful
epiguide: Yep, the formula I came up w/for picking a goal is 1.5x your usual output. So if you usually write 10K words, try for 15K. #thepennydreadful
sharontherose: RT @epiguide: Nanowrimo has a set goal of 50,000 words, a small novel. WeSeWriMo lets you choose your poison, I mean goal. #thepennydreadful
lil_monmon: @epiguide For me, I think it’s 20k words and 6 detailed illustrations WITH final edits. #thepennydreadful
marirandomities: @gracecrone I’d love to see your serials moving forward faster. ;D And wheee for more Nox&Grimm! 😀 @tpdonline @techtigger #thepennydreadful
epiguide: Or you can try 2x your usual output, or more, depending on how psycho you are. The 150% idea’s great for beginners tho. #thepennydreadful
lil_monmon: @epiguide Does it all have to be online by Sept 1. or just READY to go online? #thepennydreadful
marirandomities: Sounds like a lot of work! RT @lil_monmon: @epiguide For me, its 20k words and 6 detailed illustrations WITH final edits. #thepennydreadful
epiguide: @lil_monmon Not at all, it doesn’t have to be online by any specific date. *Intended* for web audience is the thing. #thepennydreadful
marirandomities: RT @epiguide: you can try 2x your usual output, or more, depending on how psycho you are. 150% is great for beginners tho #thepennydreadful
marirandomities: Cool! RT @epiguide: @lil_monmon it doesnt have to be online by any specific date. *Intended* for web audience is the thing #thepennydreadful
gracecrone: @marirandomities I’d like to see mine go faster too! & could read N&G every day. 😉 #thepennydreadful
lil_monmon: @epiguide Alrighty. Signing up. : ) #thepennydreadful
marirandomities: @epiguide Now you’ve convinced me! I’ll go with the beginners thing tho. (I’m a wuss, I know, lol) @tpdonline #thepennydreadful
epiguide: @TPDonline spew away! Unless your goal is to post stuff as well, you are very welcome/encouraged to write without editing. #thepennydreadful
TPDonline: @epiguide I’ll be posting, twice a week! Yes, I’m one of they psychos 😉 #thepennydreadful
epiguide: For some of us, editing keeps paralyzing us & prevents us from moving forward. God knows that’s my issue. #thepennydreadful
gracecrone: Pretty sure I am too. RT @lil_monmon @epiguide Alrighty. Signing up. : ) #thepennydreadful
marirandomities: @epiguide I can’t write without editing. Just not my writing process. That’s why I sort of dread NaNoWrimo O_o @tpdonline #thepennydreadful
epiguide: @TPDonline try a dual goal; 1st writing, then posting as a lesser but important goal. It is *writing* month, after all. 🙂 #thepennydreadful
marirandomities: Wheee! 😀 RT @TPDonline: @epiguide Ill be posting, twice a week! Yes, Im one of they psychos 😉 #thepennydreadful
ajasont: @epiguide Thanks for chatting. @TPDonline @techtigger Thanks for hosting! See you later. #thepennydreadful
epiguide: @marirandomities I’m usually the same way, which is why I’m famously writingly constipated. WeSeWriMo helps! #thepennydreadful
epiguide: @ajasont bye, thanks for the question! #thepennydreadful
lil_monmon: If it looks like I can stay on target then I too will be posting Madame Bluestocking X2 a week. #thepennydreadful
marirandomities: @epiguide Haha! I think it will. 😀 A final question: can two diff projects be on the same goal? I have a serials on hold #thepennydreadful
epiguide: Also, tho I’m sure everyone at the Eppy is bored with my pimpage of this, but my savior was WriteOrDie. #thepennydreadful
TPDonline: Wow, that hour went fast! Any last questions for @epiguide before the official chat ends? #thepennydreadful
lil_monmon: *LOL* it looks like I have an Epi account already and forgot that I had it…or the thing is loopy. 0_0;; #thepennydreadful
epiguide: Yes please, ask away! #thepennydreadful
LexxClarke: @epiguide I’ve not heard of WriteOrDie, could you explain a bit about it? #thepennydreadful
TPDonline: You can of course keep chatting here afterwards – and break out the wine! 🙂 #thepennydreadful
marirandomities: A final question: can two diff projects be on the same goal? I have a serials on hold #thepennydreadful
LexxClarke: @TPDonline oh uh, sorry already started on the wine lol #thepennydreadful
TPDonline: @ajasont glad you could stop by! 🙂 #thepennydreadful
valerievaldes: @TPDonline *sneaks in for wine* #thepennydreadful
marirandomities: Wine? Ops, that’s me and @LexxClarke. *pops bottle of red Italian wine* (it’s fresh here today, uff!) #thepennydreadful
gracecrone: @TPDonline @epiguide Thanks for the chat! Informative & most encouraging. And nice to meet you. 🙂 #thepennydreadful
marirandomities: *pours* 😀 RT @valerievaldes: @TPDonline *sneaks in for wine* #thepennydreadful
LexxClarke: @valerievaldes bwahahaha #thepennydreadful
epiguide: @marirandomities Yep, we’ve a couple of people doing 2 projects. I’d just make sure the total goal isn’t too far-fetched. #thepennydreadful
Lindzbinz_H: thank you very much for all the info am heading out now but will definitely join and look forward to the next chat #thepennydreadful
marirandomities: @epiguide Ah, thanks. I’ll think about it. 🙂 #thepennydreadful
TPDonline: Here are the official sites again: #thepennydreadful
epiguide: Thanks so much to @techtigger & @TPDonline for the opportunity to chat about #WeSeWriMo & the EpiGuide! #thepennydreadful
marirandomities: RT @TPDonline: Here are the official sites again: #thepennydreadful
TPDonline: @Lindzbinz_H thanks for coming! #thepennydreadful
marirandomities: @epiguide Just so you know, I’m registering myself as we speak. Thanks for the great chat! 🙂 @tpdonline #thepennydreadful
valerievaldes: RT @TPDonline: Here are the official sites again: #thepennydreadful
epiguide: Everyone is welcome at the EpiGuide — the more the (very literally) merrier! #thepennydreadful
TPDonline: @epiguide we’re glad you could join us today! #wesewrimo is a fantastic idea! #thepennydreadful
lil_monmon: Wow! Good dreadful chat this week. #thepennydreadful
epiguide: @marirandomities awesome, welcome aboard! And good luck, everyone. #thepennydreadful
marirandomities: @epiguide Thanks! 🙂 Want some wine to celebrate? heh #thepennydreadful
TPDonline: Thank you everyone for coming out today, was great to see so many new faces! And good luck to everyone doing #wesewrimo! #thepennydreadful
TPDonline: Indeedy! RT @lil_monmon: Wow! Good dreadful chat this week. #thepennydreadful
anakiro: @TPDonline @epiguide Thanks for the chat guys, I enjoyed sitting in 🙂 #thepennydreadful
LexxClarke: @TPDonline Wheee :o) thanks for facilitating today! #thepennydreadful
TPDonline: And don’t forget to check out our website for chat transcripts & great web serials! #thepennydreadful
TPDonline: @LexxClarke always a pleasure! You guys make my job easy! 🙂 #thepennydreadful
marirandomities: RT @TPDonline: dont forget to check out our website 4 chat transcripts & great web serials! #thepennydreadful
TPDonline: @anakiro thanks for stopping by! #thepennydreadful
marirandomities: @TPDonline @epiguide Thanks for the great chat and for the encouragement/challenge. We all need it! 🙂 #thepennydreadful
TPDonline: @marirandomities I know my muse could use a challenge, been slacking a little lately 😉 #thepennydreadful
marirandomities: @TPDonline I beg to disagree. Nox & Grimm is all rock’n roll now! Action, romance and family conspirancy. Love it! #thepennydreadful
TPDonline: time to take off moderator cape & go back to my not-so-secret identity as the mild mannered @techtigger – g’night all! #thepennydreadful
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