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Rookie- Part One (Varonian Nights, Chapter 8)

July 21, 2010

Author:  Tom Bruno
Title:  Rookie- Part One  (Varonian Nights, Chapter 8)
Genre: Fantasy/Crossbow Noir
Rating:  PG-17
Frequency: Semi-Weekly

“Tell me something, rookie- do you believe in God?”

Petracchio blinked. Of the all the questions he had prepared himself to answer today, this was not one of them- he’d heard that the Captain Girolamo Venatore was a tough bastard, but no one had mentioned anything about theology. He stared at the veteran Greenhead across the massive hardwood desk, searching his new captain’s face for some hint of a smile, but Venatore looked at him with eyes as sharp and gray as slate and a strong jaw that seemed permanently set into an expression of disgust. At a loss as to how even to begin to answer such a query, Petracchio hoped that perhaps he’d heard the man wrong.


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