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Reader 6

July 7, 2010

Author: Jason Arnett
Title: Reader (part 6 of 7)
Genre: Fantasy
Rating: pg-17
Frequency: every Wednesday


The library was completely dark now. Ray, Frank, the butler Hodgkins and Marion all stood over the prone body of Brad Martin, Marion’s aged husband. Ray heard a small pop and there was light: a white globe about five inches in diameter, floating about six inches above Marion’s hand. The men recoiled and held out arms to shield their eyes from the sudden glare. Once their eyes had adjusted, they could see about ten feet in any direction from the globe.

“Seeker,” Marion said and held out the hand the globe was floating over. “If you don’t mind.”

Frank put out his hand and when she took hers away the globe bobbed slightly in the air but stayed. He and Ray watched Marion kneel down to Brad. She spoke a whisper into his ear, then put her left hand on his chest, her right on his forehead.

“What’s she doing?” Ray tried to be quiet but his voice seemed to blast across the silence. He caught an angry glare from Frank, then, embarrassed, he saw Hodgkins looking around the room. Ray wanted to ask what the butler saw, but closed his mouth instead.

Marion’s eyes were closed, her lips moving, her fingers massaging Brad where they touched him. His chest moved up and down, rhythmically, his legs twitched like a cat dreaming of chasing a bird. She bowed her head over him, moved her left hand to his belly, her right to his ear and began to rock back and forth slowly.

Ray looked around at the darkness, opening his eyes as wide as he could in an attempt to pierce the gloom surrounding them. “Stop it,” Frank said. “You don’t want to know what’s out there, trust me.”

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