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Broommates – Episode 9

June 25, 2010

Author: Valerie Valdes
Title: Lord of the Land
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Rating: PG
Frequency: Weekly

“I think I heard a scream upstairs,” Booker said. Six sets of eyes turned to him, including the icy blue ones of the newcomer stuck in the magic circle. He did his best to disappear into a corner of the basement.

Miranda pinched the bridge of her nose and scrunched her eyes shut. “You left the landlord up there alone?”

Booker started to shake his head, then nodded.

“Go check on him,” Anthony said. Booker was happy to oblige.

“Thank goodness the great Anthony Singleton is here to guide us in our hour of need,” Miranda said with a bright smile.

“Oh, come on–”

“No, really! Without you we might do something wild and crazy, like trap one of the fey in a containment field!”

Kitty giggled. “He’s not fey, he’s one of the Ljósálfar.”

“You say álfr, I say elf.”

The captive straightened up. “I am right here and can hear you quite well, witch.” His voice was like running water over pebbles, fluid and lilting, but with a throaty undertone. “I am called Eldir.”

Miranda shot him a look that would have wilted dandelions. Anthony put a hand on her shoulder, which she shook off.

“Let him out, please,” Anthony murmured.

She harrumphed and stepped over to the circle. Raising her arms, she muttered something under her breath and then lowered her arms again, stretching out a foot to scuff the ground where she’d closed the circle.

Quicker than thought, Eldir’s sword was at her throat. “Now,” he said. “You will explain why the contract has been altered.”

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