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Tales From the Split Worlds Episode 16: The Shopkeeper Returns

June 18, 2010

Author: Emma Newman
Title: The Shopkeeper Returns
Genre: Urban fantasy, magical realism
Rating: g
Frequency: Every Friday

It’s so hard to find trustworthy staff…

The Shopkeeper Returns

The tinkling bell above the door made the shopkeeper smile as he returned. The smell of the Emporium of Things in Between and Besides, made new and interesting once more by a day out, released the tension in his shoulders. It was good to be back.

“Thank goodness!” said his assistant, darting out from behind the counter. “I’m so glad you’re here.”

The shopkeeper frowned, noting the assistant’s loosened tie and general fluster. He examined his face for wrinkles and his hairline for any signs of further receding but was pleased to find none. He had been too focused on his day trip to check that morning.

“Hmm,” he said, looking at the assistant’s shirt. “We’re developing a little paunch.”

“And whose fault is that?” the assistant replied peevishly. “Not mine; I’m not the one who eats the cream cakes, I’m just your shadow.”

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