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Tourist (Varonian Nights, Chapter Seven)

May 14, 2010

Author:  Tom Bruno
Title:  Tourist  (Varonian Nights, Chapter Seven)
Genre: Fantasy/Crossbow Noir
Rating:  PG-17
Frequency: Semi-Weekly

Evangelina did not remember a time when she wasn’t running away– from something, from someone, from herself even. Her flight had started at an early age. Long before she had actually left home her soul was ten thousand miles away, and her hapless parents could do little but watch as her body caught up and both were gone forever. Had the girl had a troubled childhood perhaps they would have felt some measure of guilt for what had happened, but in fact Evangelina’s adolescence had been unusually idyllic for any era. No, hers was a wanderlust that was born, not bred – Evangelina ran as if she were a tourist to her own life, and woe be to anyone who made the mistake of enjoying her company long enough to care.

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