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Tales From the Split Worlds Episode 12: Arrival

May 14, 2010

Author: Emma Newman
Title: Arrival
Genre: Urban fantasy, magical realism
Rating: g
Frequency: Every Friday

Cathy is tested by her mother.


“Don’t tell her we’re staying at a Travel Lodge.” Cathy said in the taxi, mustering all of her self-awareness not to chew her lipstick covered lip.

“Where should I say we’re staying?” Tom asked.

“Be non-committal; she’ll only ask as a lead into telling us that we’re staying at the family house.”

Tom shook his head. “You were a fool to drop out of law. You’re a natural.”

Cathy let the accidental insult pass, shuddering at the thought of sleeping in the family’s Nether house. It was the last place she’d choose, but bowing to her mother’s will was like rain on bank holiday weekends; predictable, depressing and inevitable.

They stopped a street away, Tom paid as Cathy climbed out of the taxi carefully. After checking for the hundredth time that the pair of strappy heels actually matched (she’d never make that error again) she tried to make the silk wrap stay put, but it was like trying to stop a ferret chasing a rabbit.

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