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Broommates – Episode 3

May 13, 2010

Author: Valerie Valdes
Title: The Door in the Basement
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Rating: PG
Frequency: Weekly

Anthony, Booker and Parker clustered in Anthony’s room, which was its usual semi-organized jumble of candles, chalk, and miscellaneous spell components. Black curtains completely obscured the window and prevented any outside light from seeping in, a necessity for his sporadic sleep schedule. And, of course, for privacy.

“We can’t let them stay here,” Parker said. “Mucking about with their feminine magics. Their wards are already… mingling with ours.”

“Mingling how?” Anthony asked. “I haven’t felt a problem.”

Parker sighed and stood up to pace. “It’s not weakening anything, it just… feels icky. Didn’t you ever have a sister?”

“You know I was an only child.”

“Right, right.” Parker peeked out the curtain at Kitty, who was skipping around the garden below, and despite himself he smiled. “Well if you’d ever had a sister, you’d know how weird it is to, like… find her underwear in the bathroom. All frilly and girly and weird.”

Anthony shook his head. “You know we can’t kick them out because you’re afraid of getting cooties.”

“There is one thing we need to worry about,” Booker interjected. The other two looked at him and he blushed.

“What?” Anthony asked.

“The door in the basement.”

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