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Broommates – Episode 2

May 6, 2010

Author: Valerie Valdes
Title: In Which Someone Smells a Rat
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Rating: PG
Frequency: Weekly

“Can’t you hammer more quietly?” Miranda whispered.

Beatrice scowled at her. “They’re iron nails, Randy, not thumbtacks.”

Miranda glanced around to be sure none of their new roommates were coming to investigate. “At least try?”

“You know, for all that the inside of this so-called mansion is falling to pieces, the outside walls are like steel.” Beatrice stepped back to admire her handiwork. “There, last cross in place. We’re officially vampire-proof.”

They’d been up since dawn nailing crucifixes to either side of the various exterior doors and windows. Unfortunately for them, whoever had built the stately three-story brick monstrosity had put at least one window in every room, sometimes several small ones in hard to reach places. But there’d be no better time to get it done: Anthony was at the fire station for a two-day shift and Booker had gone on some kind of day trip to a convention in a neighboring city. The only one left in the house was Parker, and he tended to stay up late and sleep through the day.

“Right, then,” Miranda said. “Iron horseshoe over the door next, then we can–”

“What are you doing?”

They turned to see Parker leaning against the doorway to the sitting room, eating ice cream out of the carton. He was wearing the old t-shirt and gym shorts that apparently passed for his entire wardrobe. Miranda and Beatrice tried to hide everything they were holding behind their backs but ended up dropping most of it. Crosses and horseshoes joined miscellaneous branches and dried herb sachets and flowers and acorns and even wooden pins in a messy heap on the floor.

“We’re… redecorating,” Miranda said.

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