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The Immortals – Episode 12

May 5, 2010

Author: Laura Eno 
Title: Death On Wheels 
Genre: Fantasy
Rating: PG
Frequency: Every Wednesday

The rumbling started just as Chronos propped his feet up on the coffee table to settle in for a bit of TV. Startled, he glanced around the room but couldn’t find the source of the noise.
As it grew louder, he could feel the vibration through the soles of his feet when he stood up. The hourglass on the credenza shook, scattering time in waves that would affect the mortal population on Earth.

Something was coming – something big.

Just as the noise reached an unbearable level, the double doors to his house flew open of their own volition. Chronos stared at the open expanse, wondering what creature was about to pay a visit.

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