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Broommates – Episode 1

April 29, 2010

Author: Valerie Valdes
Title: In Which Beginnings Are Begun
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Rating: PG
Frequency: Weekly


Miranda sternly told herself to think affirmative thoughts, then clicked the link to see the full posting.

“Three charming and spacious rooms available at the Boyne House in Northside,” it read. She imagined that “charming and spacious” was realtor code for “drafty and small,” then mentally kicked herself because that was not a positive thought in the least. The ad continued, “Each tenant would be responsible for a proportionate share of the utilities expense, as well as any general repairs and maintenance work that might arise.” Miranda suspected that such needs would certainly arise, or they wouldn’t have been mentioned. “Please contact Anthony Singleton for further details.”

“Sorry, Tony,” murmured Miranda. “Not today.”

She looked at the pictures posted at the bottom of the page. The house seemed large enough, but reminded her of something out of a bad horror film. It was dingy and covered in overgrown ivy, and the garden in front could hardly be called cultivated the way it was exploding helter skelter in all directions. Equally untended trees shaded the sides of the house and littered the ground with their leaves. Some small part of her mind whispered, Bay and rosemary for protection. Lavender and lemon balm for healing. Willow and holly for protection. Apple and hazel for healing.

Out of curiosity, she clicked on the Google Maps link. She raised an eyebrow. She zoomed out to get a better look. She blinked a few times, just to be sure she was seeing what was there and not what she wanted to see.

“Beatrice!” she shouted. “Kitty! I found the perfect place!”

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