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Nox and Grimm – Episode 14

April 27, 2010

Author:  Angie Capozello
Title: The Stand-Off
Genre: Fantasy
Rating: PG 13– Moderate violence
Frequency: Updated weekly

Lucien motioned Grimm away from the door to the vault with his sword. “I don’t know what hold you have over my daughter, or what oaths you may have made her swear, but you will release her from them.” “I can’t.”  The ghostly hound eyed up the sword, weighing his options. 

 “Can’t, or won’t?”    

Grimm paced back and forth, but Lucien stayed between him and the vault door.  Which meant he was between Grimm and Nox.   “I can’t, and you know it.  Everything she has done was of her own free will. Nox is as stubborn as you are, she won’t change her mind. She insists that she can break my curse.”

Lucien slashed at Grimm’s throat.  “It will destroy her! Galen himself couldn’t break the curse, he died trying. You would sacrifice my only child for nothing!”

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