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Honest Work (3 of 4)

April 21, 2010

Author: Jason Arnett
Title: Honest Work (part 3 of 4)
Genre: Science Fiction
Rating: pg-17
Frequency: every Wednesday


Beams of light from the sculpture continued to pulse and flash across the globe at its top, throwing odd shapes and shadows throughout the little park. The president of the space station looked around at the others. Grewsa, the Pramotauran representative of the quadrant they stood in, shook her head. Jimmy Cavanaugh and the civil servant Witness, Diana Welles, stared back at her. The two Marines were serious.

“‘I will kill you all’,” Colonel Singleton said. “Are you sure, Marine?”

“No sir,” Pfc Perkins said, looking at his Commanding Officer. “Not a hundred percent.”

Kathleen Selwyn threw her hands out. “You translated directly to English?”

“Yes, Ma’am,” Perkins said.

“Any chance you might’ve got it wrong?”

“I don’t think so, Ma’am,” Perkins said. “I was top of my class in coding. Third in languages. English is the most common in this System and the lights,” he pointed to the sculpture, “don’t translate to any of the other six diplomatic languages.”

Diana turned to the sculpture. “Look,” she said. “It’s changed.”

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