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Tales From the Split Worlds: Episode 9: The Invitation

April 9, 2010

Author: Emma Newman
Title: The Invitation
Genre: Urban fantasy, magical realism
Rating: g
Frequency: Every Friday

Cathy is summoned…

The Invitation

Cathy pressed her cheek into the wall and twisted her neck as sharply as she could, crushing her chest against the concrete.

“I can see Big Ben when I look from this angle!” she said, peering out of the small window to her left and scanning the sliver of skyline above the local buildings. “I think that’s the corner of it anyway.”

She stepped away and rubbed her neck, returning the view out of the window to the rendered concrete and black windows of the warehouse across the road. The grey sky did nothing to improve the scenery.

Cathy sighed. “What am I doing here Bernard?” She rested her forehead against the wall, but at the silence she turned and looked at him. “The strong silent type eh? What about you Trevor? Any pearls of wisdom today? No? Clifford?”

The three flying ducks simply continued to gather dust.

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