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Tales From the Split Worlds: Episode 8: The Golden Ball Trick

April 4, 2010

Author: Emma Newman
Title: The Golden Ball Trick
Genre: Urban fantasy, magical realism
Rating: g
Frequency: Every Friday

All in a day’s work…

The Golden Ball Trick

Jim blew into his cupped hands and flexed his booted feet. The March night was brutally cold. It had been over an hour since the parents had switched off their bedroom light, and there was no sign of activity in the farmhouse. Time to move.

The lock on the back door was easy to pick, but took him twice as long as it should, his numb fingers giving him poor feedback. The warm house smelt faintly of sausages, the only sounds were the steady ticking of the kitchen clock, and the slow, heavy breathing of the sleeping guard dog. The drugged meat had worked well, but he wasn’t going to hang around. He knew which room was the boy’s bedroom, it overlooked the fields at the back of the house and he’d been watching for a few days now.

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