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Tales From the Split Worlds: Episode 7: The Third One

March 26, 2010

Author: Emma Newman
Title: The Third One
Genre: Urban fantasy, magical realism
Rating: g
Frequency: Every Friday

It’s time for Cathy to make her third wish…

The Third One

Cathy watched the motes of dust in the sunbeam that fell across the kitchen table, sucking at the cut on her finger. Their dreamy tumbling captivated her, she had reached the other side of panic. Her body simply wasn’t capable of maintaining that tension for so long, and now, even though nothing had changed, she felt lighter somehow.

Three hours ago she’d dried her eyes and showered. Two hours ago she’d been violently sick. One hour ago she decided that she’d die alone, childless. That would negate the punishment for not impressing Lord Poppy.

Her thoughts drifted to her childhood. She recalled her father reading three wishes she’d agonised over for hours, and demolishing them in moments. She’d been mortified to hear why world peace was the worst thing she could have listed, and when he said that she’d disappointed him, she’d run to her room and cried for hours. It became a regular Friday afternoon ritual; come up with three wishes, have them mocked by her parents. Now she realised why they’d been so cruel; because the fey lords and ladies were even crueller.

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