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Chat with Sam Adamson

March 23, 2010

Transcripts of the chat with Sam Adamson, author of the UCF series, held Tuesday, March 23 2010.


TPDonline Good evening/good day, weblit and webfic lovers! Time for another exciting and fun author chat today!

techtigger Hi everyone! @TPDonline is the moderator, but feel free to chime in with questions for @FutureNostalgic if you have them

techtigger Just make sure to remember the hashtag #thepennydreadful in your post

EmApocalyptic Yay! #ThePennyDreadful interview with the lovely @FutureNostalgic is starting! Come join us :o)

marisabirns Hello! Glad to spend some time here with you and @FutureNostalgic Love his UCF series!

TPDonline Today, I m thrilled to welcome @FutureNostalgic , Sam Adamson, author of the brilliant Urban Combat fairy series! #thepennydreadful. Hi Sam!

FutureNostalgic Hi everyone! Hi also to @techtigger @CafeNirvana at #ThePennyDreadful thanks for asking me along to chat.

TPDonline please feel free to join us here, everyone’s free to chip in with questions & insights. Don’t forget #thepennydreadful tag!

TPDonline You can find @FutureNostalgic at his blog and his stories on TPDonline

marisabirns @FutureNostalgic Of course, the first question is how on earth did you become acquainted with the denizens of your series?

FutureNostalgic Just in case any of my followers are wondering about #ThePennyDreadful – it’s an ace serial webfic site & they’re interviewing me right now!

techtigger @marisabirns I was just about to ask the same thing – Urban Combat Fairies??? *lol*

FutureNostalgic @marisabirns Ah, now then – actually my daughter was the inspiration for Twinkle, she has this coat you see…

FutureNostalgic @marisabirns …she said it made her look like an urban fairy & so, the UCF was born. The Pixies were originally a…

FutureNostalgic …throw away one shot which kinda got stuck in my head!

EmApocalyptic @FutureNostalgic I want that coat!

TPDonline @FutureNostalgic Hello Sam! So tell us, When did you first discover or decide to be a writer? 🙂

FutureNostalgic @TPDonline Ooh, good question! I used to write at school, in fact creative writing was the only thing I was any good at…

FutureNostalgic I also did a fair bit of role-playing, but no real writing between school and recently.

safetycomfort Hello to @FutureNostalgic and everyone #ThePennyDreadful 🙂 Circumstances make me a few mins late, but looking forward to a good natter.

cafenirvana @FutureNostalgic I love the UCFs! But I’m having a cracker of a time with the characters. Smart story you have there.

FutureNostalgic @CafeNirvana Thanks so much. I really like the characters too more & more as they develop.

dracotorre Cheers to UCF by @FutureNostalgic !!

cafenirvana ME TOO!! RT @EmApocalyptic @FutureNostalgic I want that coat!

marisabirns We must all take turns sharing the coat! @EmApocalyptic @cafenirvana Look what you started @FutureNostalgic!

EmApocalyptic @FutureNostalgic I *love* Twinkle. She rocks.

TPDonline @safetycomfort @dracotorre @skycycler Hello and welcome everyone! Great to see you here!

FutureNostalgic I could make a fortune…if only I’d bought more of those coats! @marisabirns

safetycomfort @TPDonline Thanks for the welcome!

cafenirvana @marisabirns @EmApocalyptic the sisterhood of the traveling coat

EmApocalyptic RT @CafeNirvana: @marisabirns @EmApocalyptic the sisterhood of the traveling coat #thepennydreadful <may have to put that in Split Worlds!>

FutureNostalgic Can I be an honorary member (it is my coat!)? @CafeNirvana: @marisabirns @EmApocalyptic

EmApocalyptic RT @FutureNostalgic: Can I be an honorary member? @CafeNirvana @marisabirns @EmApocalyptic #thepennydreadful <need a picture of this coat!>

cafenirvana thought it was your daughter’s. She’s in 🙂 @FutureNostalgic Can I be an honorary member ? @marisabirns @EmApocalyptic

FutureNostalgic @cafenirvana It’s a fair cop! I’ll tell her. 😉 @marisabirns @EmApocalyptic

EmApocalyptic @FutureNostalgic Squee! A fellow role-player! #geeksunite!

techtigger Woot! RPG geeks rule! RT @EmApocalyptic: @FutureNostalgic Squee! A fellow role-player! #geeksunite!

FutureNostalgic Oh yes! 😀 RT @EmApocalyptic: @FutureNostalgic Squee! A fellow role-player!

EmApocalyptic @cafenirvana <dies and finds she is in heaven> You mean, we’re all RPG nuts? <weeps> I have found my people! #geeksunite

FutureNostalgic Looks like there are quite a few role-players about tonight too, eh? @techtigger @CafeNirvana

techtigger @EmApocalyptic I sense a tweet based RPG in our future… muhhwahaaha!

FutureNostalgic Sign me up! RT @techtigger: @EmApocalyptic I sense a tweet based RPG in our future… muhhwahaaha!

cafenirvana @techtigger @EmApocalyptic @FutureNostalgic RT everyone #geeksunite #RPG #Heaven #Coffee yay!!!!!

EmApocalyptic RT @techtigger: @EmApocalyptic I sense a tweet based RPG in our future… muhhwahaaha! #thepennydreadful <ack! Please, don’t tempt me!>

TPDonline yes, what about swazzle and pogmorten? first, where did you find those brilliant names!

FutureNostalgic Ah, the Pixies? They started life as a pair of quick throw away characters for a Xmas flash which I didn’t use in the end

FutureNostalgic I needed protagonists for Twinkle & threw them in thinking it’d only be a single story (shows what I know!)

techtigger @FutureNostalgic 🙂 don’t you love when characters move in like that? although, those 2 might be noisy houseguests 😉

FutureNostalgic Mind you, I enjoy writing about them, but I wouldn’t want them as houseguests 😉 @techtigger

marisabirns @FutureNostalgic Yep. Those protagonists had a plan for YOU.They used you for your typing skills. heheh.

FutureNostalgic Oh yes! I can’t get those Pixies out of my head – I feel like secretarial support for those two! It’s great! @marisabirns

CarrieClevenger @TPDonline @FutureNostalgic Sorry I’m late! How else can you know your characters so well? 😉

TPDonline @FutureNostalgic @techtigger I think twinkle treated those pixies mighty bad, I tell ya! (I’m all about the underdog)

FutureNostalgic @TPDonline There’s more to come…and there may well be some redressing of that injustice!

techtigger @FutureNostalgic one of the things I like about UCF is that you’re never quite sure who the bad guys are

FutureNostalgic Funny thing is, even I’m not sure who the bad guys are in the UCF stories! @techtigger

marisabirns @FutureNostaglic @techtigger That’s the beauty of it. Real life people have good guy/bad guy qualities.

TPDonline Shades of gray! RT @marisabirns @FutureNostaglic @techtigger Real life people have good guy/bad guy qualities.

FutureNostalgic @TPDonline Shades of grey – exactly! There are times I’m not even sure who’s who when I’m half way through a story.

TPDonline @FutureNostalgic Since we’re talking about characters taking over u, tell us where do you get your ideas for writing from?

FutureNostalgic @TPDonline Inspiration for writing comes from virtually everything – people, places, photos, snippets of conversation…

FutureNostalgic @TPDonline I even had someone break the mirror on my car door which gave an idea of ways to see into the Magical Realm.

TPDonline @FutureNostalgic You got someone to break your mirror? like 7 years of bad luck? that’s really getting into the book 😉

TPDonline @FutureNostalgic How do you keep up with your writing? how do you stay motivated thru a project? I hv trouble with that

marisabirns @FutureNostalgic Wow. Now you’re going to need pixie magic to get you out of the bad luck!

FutureNostalgic @TPDonline Ah, no, sorry. I didn’t ask, they just broke it & ran, but it did give me some ideas for the world.

FutureNostalgic @marisabirns Sorry, mis typed that tweet. The unknown person who did it is going to need more than Pixie magic though. 😉

safetycomfort I think the “seven years bad luck” for mirror breaking is baloney 😉

safetycomfort …but a broken mirror as source of inspiration, that can be a good thing! 🙂

techtigger @safetycomfort yes, but superstitions make for such wonderful story ideas! 🙂

TPDonline true, but we’re dealing with pixies! &Candy bullets! 😉 RT @safetycomfort I think the “7 yrs bad luck” for is baloney 😉

FutureNostalgic @safetycomfort Yes, once I’d stopped fuming & actiually looked at the shards I thought, hang on, I can use that!

marisabirns Agree! techtigger @safetycomfort yes, but superstitions make for such wonderful story ideas! 🙂

safetycomfort @techtigger True! 🙂

FutureNostalgic @marisabirns @techtigger @safetycomfort Yes, supersititions are wonderful material for stories.

techtigger @FutureNostalgic can you tell us a little about other things you’ve written? any other genres you like?

FutureNostalgic Sure! I’ve written a couple of stories about a feline conspiracy to take over the world & a couple of vampire stories.

techtigger @FutureNostalgic okay, so a factual peice about cats, go on… *grinz*

FutureNostalgic Shhh, they’ll hear you! RT @techtigger: @FutureNostalgic okay, so a factual peice about cats, go on…

FutureNostalgic It was the cats that really got me started with #fridayflash & things kinda snowballed from there!

marisabirns Well, I happen to know that @FutureNostalgic is a great and very amusing travel writer.

FutureNostalgic @marisabirns Oh yes, and travelogues! Thanks for reminding me. I’m currently documenting my recent trip to Slovakia.

FutureNostalgic @techtigger I tend to like fantasy, horror, but I do like stories set in the real world too.

cafenirvana @FutureNostalgic Vampires! Rarr! 😛

EmApocalyptic @FutureNostalgic I loved the voice in your vampire stories, it felt authentic

FutureNostalgic @EmApocalyptic Thanks. He (he still doesn’t have a name) wrote himself, I just hung onto the pen!

FutureNostalgic I’ve no idea why he soudned so authentic – there are no fangs in my family! 😉

EmApocalyptic @FutureNostalgic That’s a great sign, don’t forget to let him have the pen back :o)

marisabirns @FutureNostalgic it seems to me that you owe your cats and your daughter wonderful presents for all their inspiration! 🙂

FutureNostalgic @marisabirns Yes, you’re quite right. I must buy the cats something – daughter empties my wallet regularly!!!

FutureNostalgic @EmApocalyptic He’s waiting in the wings… more ideas about his sire are perculating slowly. He will be back.

FutureNostalgic @EmApocalyptic …and not forgetting his ghostly girlfriend Kat, she’ll be back too.

techtigger @FutureNostalgic ooh, I think a question got buried earlier – how do you find time to juggle writing, being a dad, etc?

TPDonline @FutureNostalgic Question that got drowned! 🙂 How do u manage to keep with ur writing?Do u hv a routine or do u wing it?

TPDonline @techtigger telepathy!!!!!!!!!!!!

techtigger @cafenirvana get out of my mind!!! *lol*

marisabirns @techtigger @cafenirvana You two should have written “JINX” !

FutureNostalgic @techtigger Oh, good question! And when you figure out the answer, tell me! I guess I stay up late w ideas…

FutureNostalgic @techtigger …& write first thing in the morning, hence the increasing amounts of burnt toast in our house!

FutureNostalgic @TPDonline No routine as such, though I find inspiration strongest 1st thing in the a.m. Have to grab time when I can.

techtigger @FutureNostalgic i’m always impressed with parents who are writers- i have no kids, and I still cant’ find time! 🙂

FutureNostalgic @techtigger I dunno how I do it either! 🙂 I do find it much easier to write when the house is empty though.

TPDonline I agree. RT @FutureNostalgic: @techtigger I dunno how I do it either! 🙂 much easier to write when the house is empty.

EmApocalyptic @FutureNostalgic Have you RPGed any White Wolf World of Darkness perchance?

FutureNostalgic @EmApocalyptic I haven’t as it happens. Vampires? I have RP’d most of the games of the mid to late 80s though.

EmApocalyptic @FutureNostalgic Ah, you might enjoy it then :o)

FutureNostalgic @EmApocalyptic Quick plug for my favourite RPG – called HârnMaster, the world is called Hârn. Do check it out!

mariblaser Wow, fantastic! #thepennydreadful developed into a chat, and @FutureNostalgic is the guest author, who’s speaking right now. Jump in ppl!

FutureNostalgic @mariblaser Hi! Great to see you. 🙂

techtigger @mariblaser eee! Hi!!! Yes, we started a weekly chat with our authors 🙂

TPDonline @mariblaser Hi Mariana!!!! great to see you here! come on in and have some tea!

TPDonline @FutureNostalgic Any writing rituals? Are you a plotter, “pantser” or a “phaser”? 😀

FutureNostalgic @TPDonline A plotter sometimes, certainly a pantser (esp Thu evenings!). Phaser – Hmmm, set on stun!

EmApocalyptic RT @TPDonline: @FutureNostalgic Any writing rituals? Are you a plotter, pantser or a phaser? 😀 #thepennydreadful <phaser?Mr Worf? confused>

marisabirns @EmApocalyptic @TPDonline @FutureNostaglic A phaser? Oooh, is Captain Picard here? *primps*

TPDonline @EmApocalyptic @FutureNostalgic Phase drafting. We have some fans here. It works for me 🙂

FutureNostalgic @TPDonline I’ve never tried it, but thanks for explaining the term. I’m still learning. I might give it a try. 🙂

mariblaser @FutureNostalgic @techtigger Hi guys! Great idea this chat! Thanks for the warm welcome. 🙂 What time did the fun begin?

FutureNostalgic @mariblaser The fun started at 8pm GMT and my feet haven’t touched the ground since! 🙂

EmApocalyptic @TPDonline What is phase drafting? I’m guessing Captain Picard *isn’t* involved? :o(

TPDonline RPG and Trekkies too???!!! I think I have just found my soultribe! #geeksunite

EmApocalyptic RT @TPDonline: RPG and Trekkies too???!!! I think I have just found my soultribe! #geeksunite #thepennydreadful <Yuhuh! *blissing out*>

techtigger @EmApocalyptic not unless you’re writing star trek fan-fic! 🙂

EmApocalyptic @techtigger I did when I was a lonely teen and didn’t know what fanfic was. But that’s a secret, ok? 😉

TPDonline @FutureNostalgic What made you interested in writing for the web? Especially the episodic format?

FutureNostalgic @TPDonline Not so much what as who – @LauraEno 1st mentioned #fridayflsh to me & *persuaded* me to have a go.

FutureNostalgic @TPDonline The episodic stories I’ve written started because those Pixies wouldn’t shut up! Then I was asked to join #thepennydreadful

mariblaser Best way to write a story, IMO: when chars demand it. 😉 RT @FutureNostalgic: @TPDonline those Pixies wouldn’t shut up!

TPDonline Last few mins&a question before we conclude the chat (officially), of course everyone is free to continue merrily after 🙂

EmApocalyptic @FutureNostalgic These author chats are great fun, aren’t they? So glad I could be here, you guys rock!

mariblaser @FutureNostalgic I didn’t know you were so immersed in RPG. I miss sooo much playing it.. Fun & great inspiration too, no?

FutureNostalgic @mariblaser Oh yes, definitely! I don’t get the chance to play much RPG now, but you’re right about the inspiration.

EmApocalyptic @mariblaser Squee! *another* roleplayer! This is just the best night on Twitter ever :oD

TPDonline @FutureNostalgic How do you feel being part of this blossoming project that is #Thepennydreadful? 🙂

FutureNostalgic @TPDonline Incredibly honoured to have been asked to be part of it, & loving every second. #thepennydreadful rocks!

FutureNostalgic @EmApocalyptic Thanks, & yes, I’m having a blast. Thanks to #thepennydreadful & everyone who’s come along to join in tonight. 🙂

FutureNostalgic Yes! RT @EmApocalyptic: @mariblaser Squee! *another* roleplayer! This is just the best night on Twitter ever :oD

TPDonline @EmApocalyptic Couple of links on phase drafting #thepennydreadful and

TPDonline @FutureNostalgic Any message for your adoring readers/fans? any hints/spoilers you wanna drop? 😉

FutureNostalgic @TPDonline Thank you, thank u to everyone who reads my stories. I can’t tell you how much the lovely feedback means 2 me

safetycomfort @FutureNostalgic You be so welcome 🙂 The stories are great. Keep writing (pixies won’t let you stop, right?!)

FutureNostalgic @safetycomfort Yes *hangs head* those Pixies are hard task masters!

FutureNostalgic @TPDonline Spoilers, eh? 😉 Ooh, lemme think…there is a death on the way, but I’m not saying who’s.

TPDonline And we that lovely note, we conclude today’s author chat with @FutureNostalgic 🙂 creator of the UCF series

safetycomfort A round of applause for @FutureNostalgic

TPDonline @FutureNostalgic Thanks for the lovely chat, Sam & we love having you on #thepennydreadful!

FutureNostalgic @TPDonline Thank you #thepennydreadful for asking me to chat,, it’s been so much fun. 😀

EmApocalyptic @TPDonline Those phase drafting links are ace! It’s like a whole new bit of brain has been created!

EmApocalyptic RT @safetycomfort: A round of applause for @FutureNostalgic #thepennydreadful <hearty applause!> –

techtigger of course, if you all want to hang around and gab, feel free! The hashtag is open, pour the drinks! 🙂

FutureNostalgic Thanks to everyone who joined in with tonight’s fun, thanks for the questions, support & for just being brilliant! 😀

FutureNostalgic @safetycomfort *bows* Thank you!

mariblaser {{applause}} ! RT @safetycomfort: A round of applause for @FutureNostalgic

FutureNostalgic @TPDonline Again, thanks for asking me, I’ve had a wonderful time. 😀

techtigger @FutureNostalgic thanks Sam! We’re glad to have you on the site! 🙂

FutureNostalgic @techtigger Drinks? Mine a pint!

marisabirns Thanks @FutureNostalgic for spending time with us. Also to you @techtigger and @TPDonline for hosting! Bye all! Xx

mariblaser *pouring wine* heh for RT @techtigger: The hashtag is open, pour the drinks! 🙂

FutureNostalgic @techtigger I’m honoured to be there. Thanks so much for asking me to be part of #thepennydreadful.

FutureNostalgic @safetycomfort @Doublelattemama Thanks for coming along to lend support & questions. 🙂

TPDonline Thanks to everyone who joined us. We had a blast. Follow @TPDonline or #thepennydreadful hashtag for transcripts & who’ll be on next week 🙂

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