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Chat with Anne Tyler Lord

March 13, 2010

The Penny Dreadful party has wrapped up, thanks to everyone who came out for it!

Here are the Transcripts from the chat  – watch for more chats to come!


AnneTylerLord #ThePennyDreadful I want to say hello to everyone! Am having trouble getting the hashtag to take, but I am trying – *Waves*

@TPDonline: #thepennydreadful A brief intro to Anne, she blogs at Don’t Fence me in at

TPDonline We have two series by her at #thepennydreadful, Mafia Family Christmas and Twisted Family Bonds

TPDonline She is the creator of the hashtag #writerlbsoff and doles out creative inspiration by the bucketloads as @annetylerlord

TPDonline So Anne, to start we have an easy question for you. tell us a bit about yourself

AnneTylerLord I am a psychotherapist who has primarily written non-fiction, but I decided to begin writing fiction last year

techtigger @AnneTylerLord Why did you decided to switch to fiction?

AnneTylerLord @techtigger I had a deep desire to write fiction that never left me until I gave in

AnneTylerLord I wanted to start writing fiction 10 years ago, thought I was too busy, but actually, I think it was self-doubt and fear

AnneTylerLord I left my PhD program in my late 20s, took lit classes at U of IA and the writing bug bit me

TwinkleChar @AnneTylerLord Your recent blog post on the Sensitive Types is awesome. In fact, your entire blog is superb. Kudos!

AnneTylerLord @TwinkleChar thanks so much, I’m glad you enjoy my blot – I also post about The Writer’s Life

TPDonline How did you get the idea for writing about the Russian Mafia? Esp about a Xmas going horribly wrong?

techtigger @AnneTylerLord can you tell us a bit about where you got the inspiration for the Russian Mafia series?

techtigger (same question, in stereo! *lol*)

AnneTylerLord @techtigger I participated in NaNoWriMo last Nov. and my characters were in Budapest with family involved in Russian mafia

AnneTylerLord @techtigger I wondered what it might be like to go home for Xmas if your family is the Russian mafia-thus it was born

AnneTylerLord I took a comical look at the mafia to have a little fun with them – I thought their family life would be good material

TPDonline @AnneTylerLord Well, We all seem to have enjoyed reading it. I couldn’t stop laughing. Twisted family bonds is the sequel?

AnneTylerLord @TPDonline Yes, the Kaszinov Family had more to tell me after Frostbite, so I continued with Twisted Family Bond

TwinkleChar @AnneTylerLord I love it when characters have more to tell us, unless it’s deadline and they won’t shut up. 🙂

techtigger @TwinkleChar *lol* i have that happen all the time!

cafenirvana So true! 🙂 RT @TwinkleChar: @AnneTylerLord I love it when characters have more to tell us.. and they won’t shut up. 🙂

AnneTylerLord YES! RT @TwinkleChar: @AnneTylerLord I love it when characters have more to tell us, they won’t shut up. 🙂

techtigger @AnneTylerLord do you outline your stories, or are you a ‘pantser’ ? 🙂

AnneTylerLord @techtiggerHa! “pantser” funny term – guess that is closer to my writing style, I take a few notes of ideas, then write

TPDonline @AnneTylerLord What made you choose a web serial form? Since you have followed the format for your stories 🙂

AnneTylerLord @TPDonline I love the serial format-it is short bites, but can continue to come back for more characters/stories you like

TPDonline @AnneTylerLord Since we’re on the subject of writing, 🙂 where do you get your ideas from? what stirs ur creative juices?

AnneTylerLord @TPDonline My ideas come from many places-even just a word or two off TV, stories from my family history, photos

AnneTylerLord @TPDonline I can’t predict what will inspire, I just have to grab what shows up-often ideas come in at night & keep me up

Doublelattemama We are heading off to brunch but wanted to leave a shoutout for #thepennydreadful party **helloooo**

techtigger @Doublelattemama hellooo back atcha! *waves* 🙂

AnneTylerLord Thanks! HI! RT @Doublelattemama: We are heading off to brunch but wanted to leave a shoutout for #thepennydreadful party **helloooo**

AnneTylerLord Have some brunch for us! RT @Doublelattemama: @techtigger @TPDonline @AnneTylerLord I’ll b checking the tweets! Have fun!

TwinkleChar @AnneTylerLord So, ideas keep you up. Do you write well when you’re tired? Or do you need to sleep daytime, then go at it?

TPDonline While we wait for twitter to process tweets, more about Anne, she writes poems too. Read them here 🙂

AnneTylerLord @TwinkleChar It is the new story ideas that arrive at night-I usually write during the morning, when they collide, I nap

cafenirvana Ideas are unstoppable! RT @AnneTylerLord Often ideas come in at night & keep me up

TPDonline @AnneTylerLord Do you have a regular schedule for writing? What is your schedule like when you’re writing?

AnneTylerLord @cafenirvana Yes, if I don’t write them down, then they are gone-at least I only have to list ideas at night & not write

AnneTylerLord @TPDonline now that kids are in school,I write during the day when I have the most quiet time-usually mornings

AnneTylerLord @TPDonline but, I mainly write whenever I can, when inspiration is strong I put in more hours around the clock

TPDonline @AnneTylerLord What are you working on at present other than the webfics?

AnneTylerLord @TPDonline I also have a novel-romance & suspense, I am doing family memoirs, poetry, and a couple non-fic

TwinkleChar @AnneTylerLord Do you laugh out loud when you hear your characters say funny stuff?

cafenirvana LOL , yes we wanna know! RT @TwinkleChar @AnneTylerLord Do you laugh out loud when you hear ur characters say funny stuff?

AnneTylerLord @TwinkleChar LOL! Yes, I think my characters crack me up quite a bit, especially this mafia family

TwinkleChar @AnneTylerLord Awesome. Happy writing when writer is smoking keyboard while laughing. Also, HAPPY READING!

AnneTylerLord @TwinkleChar I have several episodes that aren’t published yet about the mafia family in therapy that had me LOL

TwinkleChar @cafenirvana Thank you! Can’t wait. Good rainy afternoon to click and laugh.

TwinkleChar @AnneTylerLord Please give everyone all your links so we don’t miss laughing with you.

AnneTylerLord @TwinkleChar Website is Don’t Fence Me In Thanks for comments & following!

TPDonline ROTFLMAO! Poor shrink! RT @AnneTylerLord the mafia family in therapy that had me LOL

cafenirvana @TwinkleChar I could not stop laughing at the first episode of Mafia family xmas!! 😀 😀 (Frostbite)

TPDonline @AnneTylerLord Tell us a bit about your WIP novel for us curious types! 🙂

AnneTylerLord @TPDonline novel is about Alex,escapee from corporate entering creative world-lovesJack, fromeclectic family from Budapest

AnneTylerLord Novel is about search for meaning & freedom for Jack & Alex – who get kidnapped in Budapest, have to find way home

techtigger @AnneTylerLord that’s a lot of projects to juggle! how do you keep it all organized?

AnneTylerLord @techtigger I think my organization is piles, I just seem to know which pile to go to when I am working;))

techtigger @AnneTylerLord so do you prefer handwriting then? or do you work mainly on a computer?

AnneTylerLord @techtigger I often handwrite notes & ideas, then work on the computer when composing-to move fast & edit

TwinkleChar @AnneTylerLord Does writing fuel or exhaust you?

AnneTylerLord @TwinkleChar good question – I think writing fuels me & gives me energy overall – life exhausts me ;))

TwinkleChar What she said//RT @AnneTylerLord: @TwinkleChar I think writing fuels me & gives me energy overall – life exhausts me ;))

TwinkleChar @AnneTylerLord For me, writing is “listening” mode, not “talking” mode. Suspect is same for you, then.

AnneTylerLord Yes! RT @TwinkleChar: @AnneTylerLord For me, writing is “listening”, not “talking” mode. Suspect is same for you, then.

AnneTylerLord @TwinkleChar it is great to just listen to the characters/stories that want to be told, sometimes is scary-will they talk?

cafenirvana Yea, its fun! 🙂 RT @AnneTylerLord @TwinkleChar it is great to just listen to the characters/stories that want to be told

TPDonline @AnneTylerLord Yes, you are very into living an Integral life. I see that inspires your writing too. tell us a bit abt it

TwinkleChar @TPDonline Excellent request for @AnneTylerLord.

AnneTylerLord @TPDonline Integral, is a big one, mainly I seek to live mindfully-meditation, close observation inside & out in the world

AnneTylerLord @TPDonline I see writing as one of the greatest challenges to personal growth (in many ways) that I have encountered

TPDonline @AnneTylerLord I like the concept of mindful meditation. Do you see that it helps your creativity? Do you recommend it? 🙂

AnneTylerLord @TPDonline Meditation, for me, is also just mindful awareness that clarifies & focuses my attention & creativity

TPDonline @AnneTylerLord What do you like to do when you’re not writing? What are your other hobbies? 😀

AnneTylerLord @TPDonline I love photography, nature hikes, playing w/my kids, music, sewing – but mainly getting up out of my chair

TPDonline See Anne’s Flickr here 🙂 RT @AnneTylerLord I love photography, playing w/my kids ……

TwinkleChar @AnneTylerLord Writing=butt in chair. Writing=butt out of chair, gathering life–to write about. 🙂

AnneTylerLord Ha! RT @TwinkleChar: @AnneTylerLord Writing=butt in chair. Writing=butt out of chair, gathering life–to write about. 🙂

TPDonline @AnneTylerLord Few more minutes till we conclude the chat. What are your future plans like, writing & otherwise? 🙂

techtigger @TPDonline @annetylerlord good question – are you looking to get published?

AnneTylerLord @TPDonline hard to set future plans – I would like to self-pub the mafia series & continue to submit short stories this yr

AnneTylerLord @techtigger I think my online work is great practice & I am excited when others read it,I see novel as possibly for publ

AnneTylerLord @techtigger but I am still debating what published means, I like the indie self-publ idea, but may also submit to publ

TwinkleChar @AnneTylerLord Re self-pub. How will you market? Downloadable for pay, i.e. own site or LuLu? Print? Amazon?

AnneTylerLord @TwinkleChar I’ve been researching self-publ-possibly a combo of Smashwords & Lulu

AnneTylerLord @TwinkleChar if downloadable for pay, probably just $1 – marketing though site, and such

TPDonline @AnneTylerLord You are one of our top supporters, of TPDonline. How do you feel being part of this blossoming project?

AnneTylerLord @TPDonline Glad you asked – I love being a part of TPDonline. I think it was a great time to start a serial fiction site

AnneTylerLord @TPDonline there is a lot of serial fiction & soap opera type stories going on out there – we needed a site to consolidate

AnneTylerLord I believe serial fiction will always be around and readers will come back for more

AnneTylerLord I have been very thankful for the support of my readers, it has been one of the main sources of my motivation to continue

AnneTylerLord And, I want to thank #thepennydreadful for this chance to chat today and I send congrats on 1 month anniversary & 1K hits

TPDonline @AnneTylerLord We must conclude our official chat now, Anne, although unofficially we’re gonna hang around 🙂

techtigger @AnneTylerLord we’ve been glad to have all of your support & advice as we worked thru growing pains of starting a new site

AnneTylerLord @TPDonline I especially want to thank @techtigger and @CafeNirvana for all their hard work on #thepennydreadful

TPDonline @AnneTylerLord With that lovely msg for ur readers from you, we conclude. Thank you so much for being with us today 🙂

TPDonline check out @AnneTylerLord on #thepennydreadful and her site Dont Fence me in

techtigger I want to send a big thank you to all of our authors – @oodja @donna_carrick @randomoenophile @futurenostalgic @lauraeno

techtigger and @cascadelily @emapocalyptic @ajasont @annetylerlord – You guys rock!

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  1. March 16, 2010 2:56 pm

    Fabulous chat with Anne — I’m so sorry I missed it.
    Great transcript. Thanks, Donna

  2. March 17, 2010 8:47 pm

    This was really so much fun for all of us. (despite all the hiccups with the hashtag initially!)
    I am happy we’re making it a regular feature! It was great getting to chat with you, Anne.

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