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Masks (Varonian Nights, Chapter 3)

March 7, 2010

Author:  Tom Bruno
Title:  Masks (Varonian Nights, Chapter Three)
Genre: Fantasy/Crossbow Noir
Rating:  PG-17
Frequency: Semi-Weekly

In another world, he was known as Esanga. In another world, he wore a mask. In another world, he was a warrior, even though here in the City he was considered only a child. But the children of Ogumi are enjoined to grow up fast, and in another world Esanga was nothing if not a good Oguntak. He lifted a bale of garbage from the parochial dump and hefted it roughly onto his barge; the rickety flat-bottomed vessel groaned under the added weight.

The tribesman grimaced – he was only halfway through his route and already the barge was full. He marveled at how wasteful Northlanders were. Along the Great River, there was no need for garbage collection, for there was no such thing as garbage, whereas along the Grand Canal the refuse of a million souls threatened to choke the City into a state of paralysis unless someone gathered it up.

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