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Sender part 3

February 17, 2010

Author: Jason Arnett
Title: Sender part 3 of 4
Genre: Science Fiction
Rating: pg-17
Frequency: Weekly on Wednesdays


The two security guards flanked him, the amphibian’s tentacle tightened on his shoulder. “No,” Armstrong Story said. He was being led out of the room.

“Yeah,” Ferris said. He stood and folded his hands in front of him. “It’s too bad you didn’t have a better class of friend, Mr. Story. I rather liked you.” He swept towards the door and hooked a finger at Jameson White.

“Mr. Ferris, Mr. White, I can help,” Armstrong Story said. “I can find the time capsule. I don’t know where it is, but I can find it.”

Simon Ferris turned to White.

“If there’s anyone here who can do it,” White said, “it’s Story. He’s got a nose for it.”

Armstrong Story could only see Ferris’ back as he decided. “I have resources,” he said at last. “I don’t need him.”

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