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Sender part 1

February 11, 2010

Author: Jason Arnett
Title: Sender part 1 of 4
Genre: Science Fiction
Rating: pg-17
Frequency: weekly on Wednesdays


Armstrong Story’s future wasn’t anything like he’d imagined it would be. It was grimy in the low places and shiny where only the elite could reach. In between it was still what might be considered ‘normal’ by seven generations of citizens. Jetpacks never caught on and flying cars were not the norm using magnet-based propulsion rather than fuel; theatre and cinema were low things appealing only to the great unwashed masses and unsupported by the wealthy. Art and literature were finally coming back into vogue following a long fallow period. Robots kept artificially dumb were used in manufacturing positions and employed by the rich despite advances dreamed of by so many. Some jobs still required human hands in the middle levels, and that was where Armstrong Story fit into society.

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