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Frostbite: A Mafia Family Christmas – Episode 2

February 8, 2010

Author: Anne Tyler Lord
Title: Frostbite: A Mafia Family Christmas
Genre: fiction, dark humor, humor/parody, crime
Rating: pg-17 – for mild language and mild violence
Frequency: All three episodes are posted, the series continues with Twisted Family Bonds, to be posted each week


MafiaThis Mafia Family series is a mixture of light and dark humor written in the soap opera episodic style about the happenings in the Kaszinov family, who live on a family compound in the Hungarian countryside near Budapest. Russian mafia members have family lives, too, they just behave a little differently, or do they?


Tasha frantically trudged through the knee-deep snow oblivious to her scant clothing of slippers and pajamas.  She dropped to the ground next to Great Aunt Urola’s frozen body trying to free her from the snowbank.   The kids were running around joyfully playing.   They started throwing snowballs at her and Great Aunt Urola….Click Here to Continue

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